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Electric Meat Grinder

Series Modifications
Kitchen electrical machine KEM-36/220-4 "Belvar"

Electric chopper KEM-36/220-4 ("Belvar", "Assistant") 

With the help of machines, you can quickly prepare many dishes of meat and vegetables. Tedious process of refining products become easy and simple operation.

Kitchen electrical machine KEM-P2U "Belvar" 202

KEM Electric chopper-P2U 202 ("Belvar", "Assistant")

The electric grinder is designed for mechanization of manual labor in the processing of food at home.

Series Modifications
Kitchen electrical machine KEM-P2U "Belvar" 302

KEM Electric chopper-P2U 302 ("Belvar", "Assistant")


 Retail sales:

Techno-trading house of  JSC "Amkodor-Belvar",  tel. +375 17 292 22 67

 Wholesale trade:

Sales department in the Republic of Belarus, tel. + 375 17 293 97 25;

Export department, tel. + 375 17 293 99 28.