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The current leakage data block BDTU-1


BDTU-1 is designed to collect and store information about current leakage thresholds from the trolley body on the pavement and subsequent transmission to the personal electronic computer (PC). 

The block is used in conjunction with the device of current leakage control PKTU.

Technical characteristics

The number of stored records no more than 8000
The saved data format (Xx xx xx) (rm rm rm) (n) (c) *
Continuous operation time 24 hours

Powered by a rechargeable trolley battery:

  • rated voltage
  • allowance


  • 28 V
  • -13, +12 V
Power consumption not more than 1 V • A 
Operating Temperature Range from -40 °C at +60 °C
Relative humidity up to 95 % to 25 °C
Weight does not exceed 0.7 kg 
Overall dimensions no more 205x120x65 mm 
Operation life 10 years

Note: * where (xx xx xx) - date (days, months, years) (rm rm rm) - current time (hours, minutes, seconds), (n) - Threshold (abnormal value of 3 mA), fixed appliance PKTU-1 (c) information about the working capacity of the unit PKTU-1