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Devices for monitoring current leakage PKTU-1


PKTU device is designed to control the current leakage from the trolley body on the pavement and issue an audible and visual alarm to the driver trolley. The device is installed in the cab and it provides along with control the ability to manage the device power off a trolley bus from the contact network in excess of the permissible value of current leakage in the body of the trolleybus.

Technical characteristics

Control and indication of exceeding of threshold value of current leakage of a trolley bus:

  • for the first threshold:
  • for the second threshold:


  • 1,0 mА;
  • 3,0 mА.
Acceptable basic error limit threshold for triggering device current leakage does not exceed 3 %
The response time of devices less than 100 ms
Check of contact circuits for connection to the trolley body and contacting the road surface unit  yes
Continuous operation of devices not less than 20 hours 
Operating Temperature Range from -40 °C to +60 °C
Powered by a rechargeable battery trolley  (15 – 40) В
Weight  does not exceed 0.7 kg
Overall dimensions no more 225x130x65 mm