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Universal Voltmeters

Series Modifications

B7-58 is a cheap service digital device, successfully combining a lightweight, compact and robust design with high quality measurements.


B7-68 is a portable desktop with a voltmeter, and has high performance in accuracy, with extended functionality and service capabilities.  The high-unit two-line LED display not only the measurement results, but additional alphanumeric character information to indicate the current mode of operation of the device.


Voltmeter V7-40/1 is a  high-quality digital versatile instrument designed to measure AC and DC voltages, currents and forces of resistance to direct current.  A voltmeter is used in the production of radio and electroradioelements, with scientific and experimental research in laboratory and workshop conditions.

Built-in IEEE-488 allows you to use successfully a voltmeter in automated information-measuring systems.

Series Modifications

Universal Digital voltmeters B7-73 range replaces the well-known voltmeters B7-53/1 and B7-65 and differs from them with the new design and application of modern element base, which allows to improve the metrological characteristics and reliability.

This device measures not only voltage, current, resistance, electrical checks and carries out testing of diodes, but can also measure frequency, period, temperature and power.

Series Modifications

B7-53 is a high-quality digital versatile instrument, that using the latest microprocessor technology, has a much larger set of functionality than similar devices in the same price range.

This device not only measures voltage, current, resistance, electrical tests and performs diode tests, but can also measure frequency, period, temperature and power.

Used by 5 1/2 digit LCD display provides measurements with a resolution far exceeding the capabilities of conventional instrumentation.


Voltmeter V7-82 is a high-class professional device, which allows to measure DC and AC power and alternating current, DC resistance, frequency and period of electrical signals.

It can be operated in harsh environments while with the same performance characteristics.