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PE "Amkodor-Radian"


As a result of transformation of Electromechanical Plant "Radian", in 07/07/2000 there was created public unitary enterprise "Radian plant" JSC "Minsk instrument-making plant" (UE "Radian plant" JSC "Minsk instrument-making plant").

In October 2011 UP "Plant Radian" has been renamed into PE "Amkodor-Radian."

Characteristics of the company

Location - 4 kilometers from the village Sosni, 12 kilometers from Minsk. The company is located in the territory of free economic zone "Minsk".

Production powers and production

Currently assembly production is introduced into operation in PE "Amkodor-Radian", which includes: 

  • high-speed automated assembly line for batteries of different capacities;
  • watchpost battery assembly line;
  • electrolyte production site with a microprocessor conroll;
  • automated electrolyte filling line;
  • finishing battery processing line (electrolyte level adjustment, cleaning, drying, checking the battery on the quality of high current);
  • automated battery forming section (the creation of an electrochemical potential on electrodes, charging);
  • testing equipment (not installed, for the laboratory) for battery performance testing in accordance with GOST 959-91.

The rest of the equipment which is necessary for the laboratory is available at a parent organization - JSC "Amkodor-Belvar" (climate chamber, shakers, percussion stands, transport shaking mount).

PE "Amkodor-Radian" produces:

  • rechargeable maintenance-free lead-acid starter batteries;
  • deionized water that is used for:
  1. for the preparation of the electrolyte in rechargeable batteries, traction and stationary lead-starter , acid and alkali;
  2. for dilution of concentrated antifreeze in the cooling system of cars, cooling system refilling;
  3. for glass washers refueling;
  4. for equipment cleaning from acids and alkalis;
  5. for the use as a coolant in heating systems;
  6. for laser cutting machines refueling, etc.
  7. acid electrolyte, which is designed for lead-acid batteries refilling, produced by mixing sulfuric acid and deionized water.