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Private enterprise "SVT Plant"


As a result of reorganization of JSC «Minsk instrument-making factory» that took place on July 20th, 2006 there was established a public unitary enterprise PUE " SVT Plant ", oriented on the production of sophisticated electronic devices for various purposes like for the needs of the economy, as well as for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Belarus. Moreover, the products supplied for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, are intended for the use in particularly harsh operating conditions with a guarantee of long-term preservation of their characteristics (11 years and over). Therefore, they are distinguished by high technical level and quality according to international standards.

Industrial powers and production

At present PUE "SVT Plant " provides:

1. Manufacturing and supply of products for special applications:

The enterprise has accumulated considerable experience in the sphere of development of mass production of products for special purposes, has the necessary capacity, has assimilated the latest technology for the production of equipment of the 4th generation, there have been established close ties with designing industries and subcontracting factories in Russian Federation.

The organization of production, as the most of the former defense enterprises, is built on a closed cycle, i.e., final products are mostly assembled from parts and components of its own production.

2. Manufacturing of radio-measuring devices.

The wide range of radio measuring devices, produced on the enterprise, from simple to complex professional devices with programmed control, allows to satisfy a wide variety of user needs in solving measurement problems. Available radio-measuring devices are introduced in the state register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. All devices have Russian and Belarusian certificates.

3. Manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment.

Ultrasound scanners SLK-have been produced and send for certification testing.

In cooperation with BSUIR the has been performed the work the activity to establish a patient monitor with combined functions of ultrasound scanner followed by its application in non-invasive stone crushing in the kidney.

4. Development and manufacturing of LCD indicators, indicators with built-in LCD control, micro assembly, foil dividers, optoelectronic transducers.

5. Production of wire-wrapping products: manufacturing of various transformers on the basis of tape cores and transformers on ferrite W-shaped and toroidal cores.

6.In cooperation with Riga Electric Machine Building Plant there have been performed works on the creation of electronic control unit traction motors of rolling stock. Currently there have being developed technical solutions based on the results of preliminary tests.

Creation of the further unit will upgrade the existing fleet of electric trains.

7. There have been performed works to provide mass production six of electronic devices for the needs of "Amkodor" and its business units in the second quarter of this year.