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Due to technical problems e-mail addresses of all the units have been changed (from belvar.by on amkodor-belvar.by).


The state enterprise "Minsk Regional Centre for Investment and Privatization" (organizer of the auction), on behalf of  "Amkodor-Belvar" (the seller) is holding an auction for one lot sale of the real estate objects of the recreation facility "Rudakov", located at: Minsk region, Miadziel district , agrocity Boyars, recreation facility "Rudakovo"


  • Motor vehicle GAZ 430100, 1995 production year, starting at 18130000 BYR, VAT 20%;
  • Lathe machine, modification 250 ITV starting at 9.5 million BYR, VAT 20%.

The auction will take place on 10.10.2012 at 14.00 pm the following location: Minsk, Independence Ave, 58, Bldg. 40, meeting room.



The high quality of products provided by a wide range of technologies:

  • foundry production: production of aluminum and zinc alloys casts for die casting machines;
  • machining production: processed parts made of steel, nonferrous metals and alloys and other structural materials, including the casting of steel and aluminum alloys;
  • toolmaking: specializes in designing, manufacturing high-precision tooling and a large range of cutting, measuring and auxiliary tools;
  • electroplating production: the company has the resources for coating production: zinc chromate with the (steel), nickel matte, nickel brilliant; anodizing;
  • anodized coating according to colour: electric polishing of stainless steel; 
  • manufacturing of plastic parts: recyclable materials: polystyrene, polyamides, PBS-plastic, low pressure polyethylene, flexible PVC, polyethylene of high pressure, polycarbonates, polyamides glass filled, polypropylene, polyformaldehyde;
  • commutator motors manufacturing: JSC "Amkodor-Belvar» is a manufacturer of commutator motors of various types;
  • wire-wrap products manufacturing: The company has advanced domestic and imported equipment. This equipment allows to produce single-phase transformers. Transformers are made in the tape cutter twisted magnetic cores and are designed for power supplies and electronic measuring appliances. All orders are executed at the level of world standards;
  • cold stamping: an independent type of metal stamping, combining a number of specific technological processes of sheet material processing. Stamping production has the ability to produce parts of any complexity and accuracy and of various metals (copper, aluminum, steel, bronze);
  • coatings: JSC has the ability to cover products made of steel, aluminum and its alloys by any paints, inflicted by a pneumatic spraying, as well as a technique of painting plastic parts;
  • manufacture of printed circuit boards: multilayer printed circuit boards are manufactured in various sizes;
  • production of special technological equipment: The company has manufacturing facilities for the production of special technological equipment and instrumentation;
  • microelectronics: JSC has the ability to manufacture electronic devices used in the production of oscilloscopes, voltmeters, functional electronics products, foil products for thin film and thick film technology, liquid crystal displays;
  • SMD-technology products: produces channel selectors, all-band, made using chip components in surface mount technology; 
  • storage battery production: JSC "Amkodor Radian" is equipped with modern high-performance automated equipment and lines for the production of starter batteries; 
  • assembling and mounting production: it provides the final output with the use of automated systems and assembly of printed circuit boards, adjustment and control of final products, including automated control systems produced by the metrological characteristics of measuring devices; 
  • company engineering service has experience in assimilating products developed by Western companies, with reference to the market of raw materials and components produced by the industry of the CIS countries.