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Health center "Domanovo":

The facility is located in Molodechno district, 1.5 km from the highway Minsk-Molodechno and close to local train station  "Myasota".

The drive ways have hard asphalt coating. In 330 meters from the facility there is a pipeline distribution point. The occupied area of the facility is 15.0 hectares.

The health center was built in 1988.

The center comprises seven three-storey dormitories, a dining room with 960 seats, a three-storey hostel for one hundred seats for the attendants, a sports complex with two swimming pools, as well as the infrastructure that is necessary for the maintenance of the object:

  • attached boiler station powered by local fuels, which started its operation in 2006
  • water tower with water displacement of 150 m 3
  • two deep wells of  95 m and 75 m depth , rated for the supplied water amount of to 25 m 3/  h each
  • sewerage pumping station that carries out pumping sewage on filtration fields in a amount of 100 m 3 / h
  • filtering fields with 2 clarification tanks of 150 m 3 each for fecal masses discharge, ditches for relief drains dumping, gutters and drainage system of pipes with a total length of 3 km, 4 drain card of 2 ha (total area of 2.5 hectares of filtering filters)
  • cold water supply system with total length of 1.7 km
  • main and backup power substation 2x250 kW 1h160 kW
  • underground electrical cables for the main and standby power of hostel with length of 900 m
  • 2 air 529 feeder with length of 3.2 km and 526  1.3 km long.

Photo gallery of childrens’ health center "Domanovo"

Recreation facility "Rudakovo":

The recreation facility is located on the banks of the picturesque lake "Rudakovo" 5 kilometers from the city center Mjadel.

The occupied area of the facility is - 9.75 ha..

The facility has 13 objects of real estate, including:

  • brick two-storey health center with the area of 269.7 m2
  • eight wooden one-storey cottages with the space of from 74 to 97 m2. Each house has 4 rooms, 2 kitchens and 2 outdoor terraces.

The center is connected to the power supply from the mains through the district Mjadelsky using its own transformer substation of 160 kV for overhead power line 0.4 kV.

Water resources are supplied from a well, using a deep feed pump through the water outdoor pipes under the pressure of  4 atmosphere.

The recreation center "Rudakovo" is popular for recreation in the summer months, not only for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus but for foreign tourists as well.

Photo gallery of recreation center "Rudakovo"